Cascading Art by Lynn Ruehlmann

Lynn’s art delights the senses. It’s like being bathed in layers of color and whimsy, story and memory.
— M. R., Maine
Lynn-blue striped #4-cropped & sharpened.jpg

Lynn Ruehlmann

Artist & Storyteller.


Once upon a time, I became a professional actress. After I had my kids, I studied the ancient art of storytelling so I could write and perform on my own schedule. I still travel as a storyteller, performing stories and shows I developed for Cascading Stories, but I’ve also been able to return to an earlier love. I take great joy working with paint, paper, beads, and a wide variety of textured materials which, when mixed together, evoke myth, fairytale, fable, and long lost history now remembered only as a feeling.

Much like the ineffable magic that happens when a group of strangers sits down together to listen to a tale, there is something deliciously satisfying about turning vibrant and delicate papers and paints into solid and tangible pieces of visual art.